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The brief moments I’ve had hearing the Vampires in dual and tapped sound pretty magnificent and really suit this guitar. The humbucking gives all the traditional ES type sounds – I particularly like the fat, resonant, characterful sound Alex Lifeson had around the ‘Permanent Waves’ album with Rush. The bridge tap sounds a bit Gretsch/Rickenbacker and the neck tap – I can’t think of a comparison but it’s a lovely sound.

I’ve been playing the guitar a lot more now and my impression of the pickups is just getting better. Even some non-guitarist friends have commented on how great it sounds.



Some feedback for the zephyr set. After playing them for about a month, I think they're excellent strat pickups. The pair is mounted in one of my builds (25.5 scale, alder/maple/rosewood) and wired to a 5 way switch. Every position sounds great. To me the zephyrs seem to have a perfect blend of clarity, twang, and fullness. They sound just as good clean or distorted, and handle heavier overdrive nicely. Thanks!


[Vampire Queen & Delta Express]

It took a while to get my proper rig up and running, and the SG ready and i have to say that the pickups sound fantastic! The slightly compressed tone of the mini in the neck gives perfect cleaner funky tones and sounds overdriven great too. and the raunchy delta express in the bridge is just awsome. it sounds different from most vintage replicas and more raw.

I really like it.


[Vampire Lord]

Installed the vampire lord in the Graf. Proper feedback to follow. But very happy indeed. The definition is full on without being shrill. And it roars. I think we're going to get on well.


I’ve been having some play time with the VL.  I’m fully in love now. I completely “get” what the VL is about,  delivering the frequencies that count. It’s not polite. But not too brash either. 

Which is revealed by the following:
- on its own and totally clean in full hb mode, the VL is a little dull. A little lacklustre.
- as soon as any dirt gets added, even on the cleaner end of it the OD spectrum - it comes to life. 

And, to be honest, I seldom use acoustic-ey electric sounds. And I’ve got single coil guitars that do that job would I want to.

You’re absolutely correct about this guitar being happy at either end of the clear/uber OD spectrum. The articulation is quite breathtaking. Note definition, even in saturation mode is quite incredible for a pickup with this output. I believe this is where the option to get pretentious resides. It can be dirty but defined. Incredibly so. 

I feel this guitar is most happy when “rocking’”. And, for a rock focused pickup,  this is about as versatile as you can get. You should be really proud of this pickup. It may very well be my new fave HB. 


I got the VL to work in tap mode. Its weird to flick the switch and not have a sound that's been reduced to thin nothingness. It's subtle too. In a great way. Super great pickup.


[Unicorn H]

Pickups arrived in great condition. Enjoyed playing over the wet bank holiday. I think I will change the capacitor to go darker.  First thing that struck me was the clarity, improvement in sustain and how quiet they were.  No buzz at bedroom playing levels.

Will let you know more feedback when a give them a long term test.

Thanks, and excellent customer service by the way.



I finally tried it for the right pickup. 

I must thank you warmly, as it is gorgeous. 

It's definitely what I was looking for. 

Thanks again.



Just a brief email to tell you the minotaur has proven to be a success!

The difference between it and a more usual strat pickup is quite obvious. The output difference was comparatively subtle. To my ears, bass and low mids were much bolder, high mids and treble were smoother. Overall, less brightness but it still sounds "strat".

I found it stood up very well to hard playing and overdrives. But I also enjoyed the possibility of a more gentle than usual clean sound, nice for arpeggio parts played with a plectrum.

Pity I had to relinquish the guitar...


[Mountain Lightning B and Rolling Thunder]

My project was an Explorer-style bass, but not too heavy (my back hurts!).

I started with a DIY kit, of which I used the body only, spraying it British Racing Green (sic!).

The other rubbish I discarded and replaced with decent parts - a MM Jazz Bass neck, Schaller tuners, Babicz bridge, Bourne 500K pots, LaBella steel strings and - last but not least - the Mountain Lightning and the Rolling Thunder pickups.

When I first plugged in, I was nearly blown away - never had I got so close to an Entwistle sound! After a bit of tweaking, I knew my pals were in for something at the next rehearsal!
And so it was - the lads stopped playing with gaping mouths and gasping: "Hey, where d'ya get THAT from?".

Actually, I get the best results with the Mountain Lightning turned up 100% and a 20 - 30% dose of the Rolling Thunder added.

Anyway, thank you for the comprehensive descriptions on your homepage and for your additional advice by e-mail. I am very happy with the result.
Can't wait for the next gig!


[Werewolf B and Unicorn N]

I don't like to give feedback on pickups until I've gigged them. Bedroom levels are not a good indicator of what a pickup can deliver. Hence the delay in feedback. 

I finally got to gig the SG2000 with Ben Wood & The Bad Ideas at the weekend and the guitar has truly come alive. The set really has taken the P90 sound that I had in my head and transported it to my amp. The Duncan P90 custom I had is a really good pickup. And I was worried about missing its output and high end definition. 

With the set I've got in there now, all I am thinking about is why I didn't make this shift earlier. 

Thanks for an amazing set of pickups. 

P90s are a thing of beauty. And you've delivered the best version of a P90 I've heard. 


[Custom AL IV Qilin B]

Resisted writng straight away as my experience is that you need to spend some time with new pickups as first impressions can sometimes be misleading. Must say after a fair bit of playing that the Qilin is very good and I think you've been able to translate my ramblings on "tone" very nicely. It has all the attributes I was looking for and perhaps what has surprised me is the clarity at volume, it doesn't saturate and compress but does have a nice balanced fat tone across the strings irrespective of clean or overdriven settings. The more I've played it the more I think how close it is to a decent full size vintage PAF tone. I know I'm probably biased in that its been made specially for me but think there is something in low strength magnets letting the pickup breath a bit and certainly think the type used puts its stamp on the overall character, in this version the pickup certainly has nice sweet highs and a nice low end.

Thanks for the time and effort you put in to doing this. I will probably come back soon for a couple of Manticores to put in neck and middle; not too much variation from the standard ones but would want a slightly lower output and an ability to be able to tap the pickups.


[Custom G&L MFD Rewinds]

Finally today I managed to install the pickups on my G&L... they sound awesome... thanks!!!

You really did a great job!  I would have loved to have some more gain, but I guess by doing this the EQ would have been compromised, right?

Anyway it sounds very good... and still retaining the MFD character... very nice!


[Tsunami bridge & Waverider neck]

These pickups rock...

Recording an EP with Fighting Wolves and reckon that I'll be getting the Rickenbacker on it featuring the sexy new pickups. It's being produced by Matt Hyde (he's a bit of a name).

All I know, is that the Ricky's thud has turned into a BOOM with your pickups...

The good news is that the Rick has managed to find its way onto all the tracks I have been recording with Fighting Wolves. With producer Matt Hyde at the controls. He normally favours active basses but the full range of the Gemini equipped Rick passed the mustard with the knob twiddler. It is exciting to be able to get these on a release so soon...

Here's the first mix from Fighting Wolves latest offering featuring the Gemini infused Ricky. With both pickups on full. There's a midrange bite with the pickups which managed to give the low end some character. The producer wanted me to use active EMG pickups. And I fought to get these bad boys (yes, I said bad boys - deal with it) on here. Suddenly the low end isn't anonymous.

This is the first mix but it still shows the brilliance of the pickups.

Oh, the stock pickups normally farted out a bit with drop d. Yours kept the low end true.


[Vampire Queens]

Just a little update.

I've put the pickups in and they sound lovely, really impressed with the tone !!


hey mike, just installed the quilin and i its a keeper,i hate bass heavy or muddy pickups in neck position, and thats absolutely not the case, i think theres a dip in the low frequencies right? i love it, it sounds way cool.



Well I fitted the pickups and all is well. The tapped Charlie Christian has the broadest sound spectrum I've ever heard on an electric guitar, its fabulous bordering on acoustic. You can have thick tele twang and a great rhythm from the neck pickup.

In contrast, the full pickup can range from single coil lightness to real untamed grunt.

I don't no how you managed to get so much out of single coils, hugely impressed, I will be back.



Your pickups have transformed my mild-mannered Yamaha Pacifica into a bit of a beast! Picked it up earlier this evening so haven't played it much but already I can hear a big change. I'm really pleased because I was all prepared to pay for a new guitar but have got back my favourite guitar with real attitude.

Many thanks for your advice (the Chimera works great with the Kraken) and for the excellent service. I'll recommend you with absolutely no hesitation.

[Mountain Thunder & Rolling Thunder]

 sound engineers seemed to respond better to the scooped pickup. No tuning out of unnice frequencies with the para needed. It sounded fat. Shook the floor. And cut through. In the studio, the scooped version sounded good but the more traditional pickup sounded more sounded. No surprise there. I liked the in your face low end of the former and the ricky like clunk of the scooped for live. But, where subtlety is king - vintage was great. But that is with having a desk with options to boost 100 mhz and some low mids too. Both are great.
Playing a Festival Saturday and have the Rolling Thunder pickups in. Sounding great through the rig at rehearsals. Wanted less subtlety for this show and I have got it. There is and upper end clank that this precision gives with this pickup that i wish my rick had. It has got me thinking.


Hi Mike, the pickups hare now on my SG !
Tried them out on my friends ENGL and they sounded great....but not as good as through my Laney ! The Laney has only got 3 gain stages whereas the bigger Laney's have 5 gain stages.....but any lack of gain I can counteract by kicking in my Blackstar valve driven overdrive pedal.
The bridge pickup through my Laney without the Blackstar pedal really sounds great for rock...and for Tony Iommi type rhythms, the lead sound is a bit weak ( the amps fault - not the pickup's fault ! ), so kicking in the pedal makes the lead lines sound great.
Using the pedal - which I always do - just gives that little bit more oomph - makes your pickups on my guitar sound just awesome !
I bought this guitar especially for playing Tony Iommi style riffs at a whole step down tuning, after your help in deciding to buy the Mountain Queens to achieve this sound.........I've got to say that these pickups do exactly what it says on the tin !!!
You should have seen the smile I had got on my face when playing my guitar with your Mountain Queens on it......they fit the bill just perfectly !

The front pickup on it's own has a real nice chimey sound, and the two pickups on together have a sound that is very usable ( with lower levels of gain ! )


Hey Mike, the werewolf and the wraith are fantastic! Thanks again!


I installed the Nightwolf and it is truly a masterpiece !!!
the sounds are so alive and responsive , never experienced this with humbuckers ever before !!!


[Mountain Queen]

I have to say that the two Mini HB's sounded absolutely great on tour. That's one great sounding pickup. I was able to A/B it with an identical guitar with a stock gibbo mini hb and a Les Paul with a JB in it. And your beast seems to be right in between those two soundwise. Really defined. But more meaty than a stock mini hb. But brighter somehow too. Which I wasn't expecting. But I was happy to find.



I've got the pickups installed. The full sound isn't very different to the originals (so I guess  the Gibson's weren't too bad) but much better balanced. The tapped sound is great and I've used push-pull pots on the volume controls which take the volume and tone pots out of the circuit giving a little more drive and brightness for those Tele-like ice pick moments.


[Mountain Queen]

I finally managed to pick up my guitar from the techs.  I love it.  Took it for a spin with band rehearsal, it rocks good and proper, hot enough to grunt but mini enough to cut through.  For some reason it has also given my Schecter a lot more quack when the bridge is combined with middle, it always had a bit of a strat thing going in position 2 but now it really does the finger pickin country thing.



It's some time ago now but the pickups arrived ok and installed are very nice. I put them in an Epiphone Wilshire Reissue and even though the pickups cost more than half the price of the guitar it's still an amazing guitar for £330.


[Manticore in short scale bass]

The bass is a short scale, and it was the McCartney type sound that I was looking for, so with that in mind, I would say the pickup does a sterling job. It's not too muddy, and there is even a hint of growl in there on the higher notes;



Just thought I’d drop you a note to say thanks for the pickups!  They arrived before the weekend, but I only got round to wiring them up Sat evening.  They’re absolutely superb!!!  The neck one is massive sounding but clear, and the bridge has a lovely bite to it rather than muddy which the stock 57 Classics in my SG 61RI tend to be! 


Finally found time late last night to fit the Cherubim's,and what a difference! The 'jangly' setting is exactly what I was looking for,and the hot p90 setting has given it real grunt, making the guitar very versatile. Thank you very much,I must admit I didn't expect such a huge improvement,the Wildkat now sounds as good as it looks and plays :)


[Kraken bridge + 2 x Valkyrie]

I have now spent some time using them both in the studio and at gigs. All I can say is wow! Sadly I no longer have any friends as they all move away from me just in case I start raving about them and the wife is getting jealous about the time I spend with them, but they are simply amazing. I found you site by a lucky accident and as soon as our new site is up and running I will be putting a link to yours. I have attached something I was working on today as just for the hell of it I used every pickup position on the guitar. You really should get the recordings on you site to show just how good your work is. If you ever decide to have your name printed on the pickup covers please let me know as I would be proud to have have some. Good luck with everything you do, and I will be back as soon as I buy another guitar.


[Vampire bridge + Vampire Lord neck]

I just wanted to email you to let you know how fantastic these pickups are. The reason it's taken so long to get round to this is that they've been on my second guitar, I usually use a PRS which i was happy with the pickups on. Well because they were on the backup guitar I didn't really get to use them properly till recently when I fancied a change on a gig. I now can't believe how good these things are, they're in a hollow telecaster type guitar which I made and are just awesome, I particularly love the coil tap, as you say on your site normal humbuckers sound weak coil tapped but these are just fabulous.


Just a quick note to say the Mountain Queen pickup was superb!!


Received pickups and installed them yesterday. Excellent, the Quilin exactly what I was looking for and two Manticores compliment it very well.



The pickups sound fabulous!! - I love the neck one especially.


[Vampire Lord neck]

Its a very versatile neck pickup. The tone control makes a massive difference. When I turn it down to 3 or 4, its gets the sound Ive been hoping for. Brilliant stuff. When I whack it up to 10 it sounds brighter, almost bridge like. Ive never had a pickup like this one. Im looking forward to experimenting with it for along time to come. Cheers for everything Mike.


We think you've done a wonderful job :0) There are great similarities between the two sets with many of the same type of nuances - but we think your set has more 'width' to the tone, has a slightly 'creamier' feel but also with more 'crispness' at the top end. The clarity IS there.


I've received and installed the Manticore; just what I was looking for and the slight overwind just fattens it enough without losing the detail. I'll probably order two neck pickups some time soon Any plans to do a Les Paul Delux style mini?

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