Telecaster pickups
The Telecaster was the first successful solid bodied electric guitar. The original design had covers for both of its single coil pickups, to reduce the effect of mains hum. In modern times, covers are not as important as power supplies tend to be better grounded largely fixing the problem. The cover for bridge pickups has long since been discarded but mainly for the sake of appearance the neck pickup cover has been retained. The expectation of a bright bridge pickup with a warm, dark neck pickup is partly due to this.
The pickups consist of a single coil of wire, wrapped around six vertical alnico rod magnets, the bridge pickup being larger than the neck pickup.
Gemini telecaster pickups have been designed to overcome the problems many tele users have with weak or muddy neck pickups. They are generally best used with 500k pots which provides added help overcoming the treble loss caused by the neck pickup's metal covers. The bridge units are wound a little hotter and darker to perform properly with the higher value pots.

The Aeriads are open sounding vintage pickups. The bridge pickup is a traditional vintage style tele pickup. The neck pickup is wound as a traditional strat pickup on a tele bobbin. This give it more openness and character than vintage tele neck pickups usually have.

Wire AWG 42, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets

Bridge 7.4k, Neck 5.8k



The Dryad bridge is wound in the traditional Broadcaster style. Bright and punchy with a touch of mid-range honk. The neck uses large magnets to gain a firmer response and better attack than normal.

Wire AWG 43, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets

Bridge 8.9k, Neck 7.7k




The Meliads offer a great balance between openness and brightness. Beautiful, woody tones make this one of the most expressive tele pickups around. Especially suited to producing sweet sounds in an ash bodied Tele.

Wire SWG 46, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets,

Bridge 7.6k, Neck 5.9k



 The Alseid is a softer spoken pickup using Alnico III magnets. It combines a smooth top end with a warm mid range and moderate bass. It is very responsive to playing dynamics allowing for a greater range of expression

Wire AWG 43, Flat Alnico III rods

Bridge 10.0k, Neck 8.3k



Tele pickups with power. Nereids have lots of output and a sound that is 50% tele and 50% P-90. The tele bite isn't so much in evidence but the warmth and power more than makes up for it.

Wire SWG 46, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets

Bridge 10.4k, Neck 7.9k




Maximum firepower for Teles. Humbucker levels of output and predominantly humbucker tone, with just enough bite for clarity, plus traditional Tele focus and attack. Warm but clear clean tones and rock solid overdrives. Oreads love gain and volume. Middle position for clean chords, neck for clean and overdriven bluesy tones, bridge for anything from clean to heavy.

Wire AWG 43, Flat oversized (6mm) Alnico 5DG rod magnets,

Bridge 13.8k, Neck 10.2k


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