Stratocaster pickups
The Stratocaster is the most popular electric guitar design, due to its' playability, comfort and flexibility.
Stratocaster use the same basic design of six vertical rod magnets in a single coil of wire as telecaster pickups. However, strat pickups are all the same size and use plastic covers that have no effect on tone rather than metal ones. Originally, all three pickups were made to the same specs.
As the original stratocaster pickups were very bright, most variations are hotter and darker than standard vintage style units. Additionally, most models are now designed as calibrated sets with variations in winding between the three pickups in a set.
Gemini stratocaster pickups offer a range of familiar and not so familiar sounds.

The Chimera and Nymph are classic strat pickups in warm and bright variations.

The Spirit and Valkyrie offer tones that are modifications of normal strat tones.

The Minotaur and Kraken take strat tone and mix it with darker fatter, P90 or humbucker style sounds to provide the performance needed to take the strat into a wider range of musical application.

The Spirits are wound with a heavier guage wire and low impedance which produces a completely different harmonic structure. While the Spirits are instantly recognisable as Strat pickups, closer listening reveals a fat top end, no harshness and a lot more lower mid grunt than typical Strat pickups.




Despite the low impedance, output is more than adequate. They have a clear and uncluttered sound played clean. Together with a valve amp, they produce overdrives that are smooth, clear and natural sounding. Taken to extremes, they retain their Strat like sound even at very high gain levels.

Wire AWG 41, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets,

Bridge 4.7k, Middle (rw/rp) 4.3k, Neck 4.3k




white3The Nymph offers a brighter sound than the Chimera. Open, airy and light, with lots of highs for maximum quack in the in between positions. These are not just for country fans, they’re great for funk and soul as well. Of course, if you have a Strat that is just a little bit too dark, these will fix that as well.

Wire AWG 42, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets,

Bridge 6.2k, Middle (rw/rp) 5.9k, Neck 5.7k




The Chimera is a classic overwound Strat pickup. More warmth and drive than a Nymph but still wholly vintage in character. These are amongst the most versatile strat pickups around. white3There's still plenty of quack from the in between positions and the tight, snappy bridge provides all the bite you could want, as well as extra power.

Wire AWG 42, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets,

Bridge 7.3k, Middle (rw/rp) 6.7k, Neck 6.5k




The Zephyr provides warm, smooth 50's style Strat sounds. Light and airy top end, with a softer attack. Firmer mids and a wrm bottom end. Overall a great combination of white2clarity and warmth. Extremely responsive to playing dynamics. probablt the most expressive strat pickup you'll ever have played.

Wire SWG 46, Flat Alnico III rod magnets,

Bridge 8.4k, Middle (rw/rp) 7.6k, Neck 7.5k




Give your Strat a major boost with an alternative approach to strat pickups, the Minotaur offers a blend of traditional Strat and P-90 sounds. Minotaurs work with any level of gain, from pristine clean to the dirtiest filth but they really excel in the middle range from just starting to break up to heavy crunch tones.

The bridge pickup is slightly more P-90 than strat, the middle is about 50-50 and the neck is slightly more strat than P-90.

Wire SWG 46, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets,

Bridge 9.5k, Middle (rw/rp) 8.6k, Neck 8.3k




Maximum firepower for Strats. Humbucker levels of output and predominantly humbucker tone, with just enough bite for clarity, plus traditional Strat focus and attack. Warm but clear clean tones and rock solid overdrives. Krakens love gain and volume.

Wire AWG 43, Flat oversized (6mm) Alnico 5DG rod magnets,

Bridge 13.5k, Middle (rw/rp) 12.4k, Neck 12.1k


NB Krakens are supplied with solid covers (In Black or White) as standard covers will not fit the larger magnets.

The Valkyries are undoubtedly for professionals with their
unrivalled tonal depth, controlled attack and smooth decay. Use of ultra-fine wire gives them a flatter eq curve with subtly enhanced mids. This allows them to retain all of the desirable characteristics of traditional strat sounds combined with stage and studio performance to satisfy the most demanding of guitarists.

At bedroom volumes, especially played clean, they can sound a little too polite, but at stage volumes they are truly magnificent.
The Valkyries are warmer and darker than average, with a relaxed feel and just a touch more power.

Wire AWG 46, Flat Alnico 5 rod magnets,

Bridge 19.5k, Middle (rw/rp) 17.0k, Neck 16.35k


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