Humbucker, Stratocaster, Telecaster, P90 & Jazzmaster, Mini Humbucker, Bass

Phoenix bridge fullUnder1
Phoenix bridge tapped
Phoenix neck full
Phoenix neck tapped

Pegasus bridge full

Pegasus bridge tapped
Pegasus neck full
Pegasus neck tapped

Nightwolf bridge full

Nightwolf bridge tapped
Nightwolf neck full
Nightwolf neck tapped

Barghest bridge full
Barghest bridge tapped
Barghest neck full
Barghest neck tapped

Delta Express
Delta Express bridge full
Delta Express bridge tapped
Delta Express neck full
Delta Express neck tapped

Dawn Angel

Vampire bridge full
Vampire bridge tapped
Vampire neck full
Vampire neck tapped

Vampire Lord
Vampire Lord bridge full
Vampire Lord bridge tapped
Vampire Lord neck full
Vampire Lord neck tapped

War Lord
War Lord bridge full
War Lord bridge tapped
War Lord neck full
War Lord neck tapped

Gryphon bridge full

Gryphon bridge tapped
Gryphon neck full
Gryphon neck tapped

Basilisk bridge full

Basilisk bridge tapped
Basilisk neck full
Basilisk neck tapped

Leviathan bridge full
Leviathan bridge tapped
Leviathan neck full
Leviathan neck tapped

Storm Lord
Storm Lord bridge full
Storm Lord bridge tapped
Storm Lord neck full
Storm Lord neck tapped

Behemoth bridge full

Behemoth bridge tapped
Behemoth neck full
Behemoth neck tapped

Titan bridge full
Titan bridge tapped
Titan neck full
Titan neck tapped

Swamp Witch

Swamp Witch bridge full
Swamp Witch bridge tapped
Swamp Witch neck full
Swamp Witch neck tapped

Mountain King
Mountain King bridge full
Mountain King bridge tapped
Mountain King neck full
Mountain King neck tapped

Special Humbuckers
Wolf Star
See Nightwolf & Barghest

Dragon Star
See Phoenix & Pegasus

Dark Star
See Gryphon & Basilisk

Earth Fire
Earth Fire bridge full
Earth Fire bridge tapped
Earth Fire neck full
Earth Fire neck tapped

Storm Fire
Storm Fire bridge full
Storm Fire bridge tapped
Storm Fire neck full
Storm Fire neck tapped

Mountain Fire
Mountain Fire bridge full
Mountain Fire bridge tapped
Mountain Fire neck full
Mountain Fire neck tapped

Stratocaster single coils

Spirit Bridge
Spirit Bridge & Middle
Spirit Middle
Spirit Middle & Neck
Spirit Neck


Nymph Bridge
Nymph Bridge & Middle
Nymph Middle
Nymph Middle & Neck
Nymph Neck

Chimera Bridge
Chimera Bridge & Middle
Chimera Middle
Chimera Middle & Neck
Chimera Neck

Zephyr Bridge
Zephyr Bridge & Middle
Zephyr Middle
Zephyr Middle & Neck
Zephyr Neck


Minotaur Bridge
Minotaur Bridge & Middle
Minotaur Middle
Minotaur Middle & Neck
Minotaur Neck

Kraken Bridge
Kraken Bridge & Middle
Kraken Middle
Kraken Middle & Neck
Kraken Neck

Valkyrie Bridge
Valkyrie Bridge & Middle
Valkyrie Middle
Valkyrie Middle & Neck
Valkyrie Neck

Telecaster single coils

Aeriad Bridge
Aeriad Bridge & Neck
Aeriad Neck

Dryad Bridge
Dryad Bridge & Neck

Dryad Neck

Meliad Bridge
Meliad Bridge & Neck
Meliad Neck

Alseid Bridge
Alseid Bridge & Neck
Alseid Neck


Nereid Bridge
Nereid Bridge & Neck
Nereid Neck

Oread Bridge
Oread Bridge & Neck
Oread Neck

P-90,  Jazzmaster & Rickenbacker

Unicorn Bridge
Unicorn Neck

Werewolf Bridge Full
Werewolf Bridge Tapped
Werewolf Neck Full
Werewolf Neck Tapped

Yellow Dog
Yellow Dog bridge full
Yellow Dog bridge tapped
Yellow Dog neck full
Yellow Dog neck tapped

Seraphim bridge T-Bone

Seraphim bridge P-90
Seraphim neck Charlie Christian
Seraphim neck P-90

New Cherubim demo Cool Cat Stroll
New Cherubim demo Wild Cat Stomp
Cherubim bridge beatbacker
Cherubim bridge P-90
Cherubim neck beatbacker
Cherubim neck P-90

Wraith bridge
Wraith Neck

Phantom bridge
Phanton bridge & neck
Phantom neck

Tsunami (six string)
Waverider (six string)
Humbucker Sized P90's

Unicorn H Bridge
Unicorn H Neck

Unicorn Neck Cut and Paste
This is a sample made by cutting and pasting sections from the Unicorn neck soapbar and the Unicorn neck humbucker sized P90. Apart from some volume adjustments, no further editing was done.

Werewolf H Bridge
Werewolf H Neck

Wraith H Bridge
Wraith H Neck

Mini Humbuckers

Manticore bridge
Manticore neck

Satyr bridge
Satyr neck

Qilin bridge
Qilin neck

Midnight Special
Midnight Special bridge
Midnight Special neck

Vampire Queen
Vampire Queen bridge
Vampire Queen neck

Mountain Queen
Mountain Queen bridge
Mountain Queen neck


Jazz Bass
Dawn Lightning
Ocean Lightning
Mountain Lightning
Precision Bass
Dawn Thunder
OCean Thunder
Mountain Thunder
Rolling Thunder
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