Rickenbacker Pickups
Rickenbacker have produced guitars with a unique place in the musical world. There are not many alternate pickups available and they often lose the unique Ricky style.
Following the success of our Ricky bass pickups, we did the obvious thing and designed some pickups for Rickenbacker 6 and 12 stringers.
Just like the bass pickups they offer an alternate voice for Rickys but still retain tone that is instantly identifiable.

We now have our complete range of mini humbuckers available to fit Rickenbacker guitars and can also offer our single coils with surrounds and baseplates.

Based on the 4 and 5 string Tsunamis but wound slightly brighter to ensure more than adequate jangle. This is the preferred choice for punk and prog rock, especially at the bridge.
Wire AWG 44, 7mm Alnico V rod magnets

Bridge Pickup 12.6k

Neck Pickup 11.2k

Based on the 4 & 5 string Waveriders but wound  slightly brighter for extra jangle. The Waverider has a very open tone and is the right pickup for folk-rock, country and other styles where strictly clean sounds are the prime aim
Wire AWG 43, 7mm Alnico V rod magnets

Bridge Pickup 9.2k

Neck Pickup 8.4k

Jazzmaster Pickups

The Jazzmaster pickup format is wide and flat with a large capacity. Traditionally, they iuse rod magnets but it's just as easy to use the P90 construction with dual bar magnets.

We offer a wide range of tones for Jazzmaster players, with both rod magnet models and P90 based designs


The Phantom is our most traditional Jazzmaster pickup. It has Alnico V rods and vintage windings but with the bridge pickup noticeably hotter and the neck pickup a touch softer.

It offers a sparrkly top end with warm but tight bass and open, airy mid range. Exactly what you'd expect from a vintage Jazzmaster pickup.

Available in Jazzmaster, P90 and humbucker formats.

Wire AWG 42, Alnico V rod magnets

Bridge Pickup 8.9k

Neck Pickup 8.0k


Originally designed in P90 size but also availabl;e for Jazzmaster, the Wraith combines the warmth of a P90 with the open, clear sound of a strat pickup. The rod magnets provide a stronger but narrower magnetic field than a conventional P90. Alnico III was chosen to give a softer attack more in keeping with P90's. A typical P90 winding gives the Wraiths plenty of output for most situations. Bright, percussive bridge, warm smooth neck and lots of jangle in the middle position.

Slightly longer magnets increase overall height to 16mm.

Available in Jazzmaster, P90 and humbucker formats.

Wire SWG 46, Alnico III rod magnets

DC Resistance Neck 8.4k, bridge 9.3k.


A classic P-90, with traditional P-90 sound in Jazzmaster format. P-90's have been making some of the best sounds around for over 50 years.

The Unicorn is vintage wound but at the fatter end of the vintage range. Very simple, very effective and very versatile.

Unicorn bridge and neck units are wound to be hum-cancelling in the middle position when combined with each other or the tapped single coil sounds of Gemini humbuckers.

Available in Jazzmaster, P90 and humbucker formats.

Wire AWG 42, Alnico II magnets

Bridge Pickup 7.9k

Neck Pickup 7.6k



A slightly more modern P90 in Jazzmaster format. Where the Unicorn growls, this one howls and screams. 

A hotter wound, higher output P-90 with extended harmonic range producing more drive and more focus.

The Werewolf provides higher levels of performance and a slightly crisper, more focused sound. Tapped, it produces a more open sound with extra highs, just like adding one third strat to the mix.

Available in Jazzmaster, P90 and humbucker formats.

Wire SWG 46, Alnico V magnets, 3 conductor wiring

Bridge Pickup 8.9k

Neck Pickup 8.2k

 Yellow Dog

The Yellow Dog offers extra bite and punch in the top end, together with plenty of warmth in the lower registers. The Alnico IV magnets provide plenty of output without the pickup becoming overly aggressive or thin.

Available in Jazzmaster, P90 and humbucker formats.

Wire AWG 42, Alnico IV magnets, 3 conductor wiring

Bridge Pickup 8.2k

Neck Pickup 7.7k


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