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Pickups for Rickenbacker 4001/4003 bass

These pickups owe a huge amount to Andy Duke. During an extended email conversation, he not only convinced me that they were worth making but also imparted all his ideas of how he believed the ideal Ricky replacement pickups should sound.


These pickups are a direct retro-fit, using your existing mounting hardware (screws, springs, covers). The bridge pickup includes it's own correctly dimensioned mounting plate. The flush magnets allow you to choose either open or vintage covers for the neck pickup.

Now available for 5 string basses

The 5 string versions use 7mm magnets instead of 9mm and have slightly wider string spacing that will work with a bridge spacing anywhere from 54mm to 60mm. They are ideal with a 57mm bridge spacing.

Neck pickups available with optional surround and baseplate.


The Waverider is the more vintage sounding of the two. It offers typically vintage Rickenbacker sounds with increased presence and definition. An almost Hi-Fi top end combined with refined mids and well defined bass support a wide range of styles while retaining the quintessential Ricky feel.

Wire AWG 43, 9mm dia. Alnico V rod magnets, 5 string 7mm
DC Resistance 8.9k Neck, 10.2k Bridge, 5 string 8.7k Neck, 10.0k Bridge


The Tsunami is the more rock oriented variety. Tone is rock solid throughout the entire spectrum. Well defined highs, all the Ricky mid range grunt you could want combined with the bottom solid bottom end power you'd expect from a P Bass.

Wire AWG 44, 9mm dia. Alnico V rod magnets, 5 string 7mm
DC Resistance 11.8k Neck, 13.4k Bridge, 5 string 11.6k Neck, 13.2k Bridge


Rogue Wave
Available for Rickenbacker basses, including 4004 & 4005 but also in Gibson mini Humbucker format to fit a wide range of other basses.

The Rogue Wave neck pickup's winding is based on the Waverider while the bridge has a winding based on the Tsunami. They have a distinct Ricky element to the tone but that's not all. They have a huge range of tones available due to the carefully placed offset coil taps.

The Rogue Wave can certainly replace Ricky pickups but it can do so much more. The first person to play them said it was as good as having a Jazz bass and a Stingray in one instrument.

Wire AWG 43 Neck, Awg 44 Brideg, Alnico 8 Bar magnet & carbon steel blades
DC Resistance 8.6k (5.9k) Neck, 12.3k (8.0k) Bridge
Thunderbird and Soapbar Pickups

The pickups are identical, just the covers are different. Correct size and format Thunderbird with covers and mounting rings or 3.5" X 1.5" 2 hole mount soapbars.


A multi purpose bass pickup to cover almost any style. The Degenerate has one extra hot coil and one more normal coil. Tapped, it has all the articulation of a Jazz bass pickup and full it has a full rich humbucker tone that retains good top end clarity combined with a massive bottom end thump.

Wire AWG 44, Twin large cermic blade magnets

DC Resistance 21.4k full, 12k tapped neck, 25.5k full, 14k tapped Bridge


Classic rock tone at its finest. The bottom end is big and fat, the top end rounded and warm. Plenty of power and no compromises.
Wire AWG 42, Alnico 8 Bar magnet & large carbon steel blades
DC Resistance 8.5k Neck, 9.7k Bridge

A more modern tone suitable for almost anything you might want to do with a bass. The bottom end is absolutely solid while the top is clear and articulate. The upper mids are pronounced but not excessive. This is a stunningly versatile pickup.
Wire AWG 43, Alnico 8 bar magnet & large carbon steel blades
DC Resistance 12.2k Neck, 13.8k Bridge


Lightning Series J Style

For all models the string spacing is 56mm (neck), 58mm (bridge) for 4 string and 67mm (neck), 70mm (bridge) for 5 string.

These will fit many basses with J style pickups but not all as a direct retrofit. Please check string spacing and fittings before ordering.

Dawn Lightning

JB54Vintage Jazz Bass sounds with a softer touch. Using Alnico II magnets makes this set slightly fatter and warmer and gives them a more dynamic response to picking. An excellent all rounder for players who like to control their sound with their fingers.

Wire SWG 46, Alnico II rod magnets.

DC Resistance  4 string Neck 8.4k, Bridge 9.6k, 5 string Neck 8.7k, Bridge 9.9k

Ocean Lightning

A classic vintage neck pickup with a hot vintage bridge unit.JB52 The neck pickup is warm and full. The bridge pickup is aggressive with very strong nasal overtones. Turn the blend pot towards the bridge and hear the midrange coming in. A great set for for vintage enthusiasts who want a little more from the bridge.

Wire AWG 42 (neck), AWG 43 (bridge), Alnico V rod magnets.

DC Resistance Neck 7.5k, Bridge 11.7k
, 5 string Neck 7.9k, Bridge 12.2k
Mountain Lightning

JB64Extra punch and power from a beautifully balanced set. Very solid bottom end, rich harmonics and still plenty of detail at the top. If you want full, smooth overdrives and a solid clean sound, these are for you.

Wire AWG 44, 6mm Alnico V rod magnets.

DC Resistance Neck 13.6k, Bridge 17.0k
, 5 string Neck 13.9k, Bridge 17.3k

Thunder Series P Style

Dawn Thunder

A precision bass pickup with less mids for sweet tone with top end clarity and bottom end warmth. A very old school sound for players who want their playing to come through without ever taking over in the mix.

Wire AWG 41, Alnico V rod magnets.

DC Resistance 7.7k

Ocean Thunder

PB52A full, rich and rounded vintage sound. A great all rounder for every application. Has just slightly more midrange than standard vintage pickups. Excellent single note definition.

Wire SWG 46, Alnico V rod magnets.

DC Resistance 11.1k

Mountain Thunder

PB61Rock solid bottom end. A great rock pickup with enough versatility for most styles. Lots of power combined with great mid range definition. Smooth enough that it can be used for almost everything else if you want outstanding definition even when you're not rocking hard.

Wire AWG 43, 6mm Alnico V rod magnets.

DC Resistance 13.5k

Rolling Thunder

A high output pickup with nicely scooped mids. Ideal for metal and other modern styles. 
Will also work well for other aggressive styles. However, if you're looking for sweet and pure, try somewhere else.

Wire SWG 46, 6mm Alnico V rod magnets.

DC Resistance 13.1k


A guitar humbucker sized bass pickup. The rail construction makes it ideal for basses like the Hohner B2A or other basses that use. Works for almost any style thast isn't too extreme. Very versatile but controlled.

Bridge Wire AWG 44, 14.8k, Ceramic magnets
Neck Wire AWG 43, 11.3k, Ceramic magnets

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