Gemini pickups is a small business hand making guitar pickups. Because all pickups are made to order, I can offer a much larger range with a greater variety of sounds. than if I manufactured for stock.

While I offer many pickups with very familiar sounds, I also have more variety in the range and am able to make models with unique sounds or combinations of switchable sounds.

One of my specialities is humbuckers and P-90's with switchable sounds. I didn't like the tapped sounds of most humbuckers. Most of them are too thin and have too little output. I was certain that there had to be a better design that would provide good single coil sounds. In particular, I wanted to achieve this with vintage style humbuckers.

I believed that adding in a small amount of the second coil would give me the sounds I wanted and it did. Now I can make humbuckers that sound just as good tapped as full. They don't all sound the same. Some of them are very bright, others fatter and darker.
The tapped sound depends on both the size of the primary coil and the amount of the second coil included.None of them sound exactly like strat or tele pickups but that's not the point. They have alternate sounds that are usable in practise for guitarists.
Coil taps aren't restricted to creating "single coil" style sounds. There have been many variations in humbuckers that can be replicated in one pickup by using coil taps. A coil tap can be placed so that a humbucker with balanced coil windings has a switchable section of winding to create a small imbalance. Two coil taps, placed one in each coil can provide a humbucker with a bright, clear twangy humbucker sound and a second rich, full, fat sound.

By combining multiple coil taps, I also have a range of humbuckers with multiple sounds. They are designed for up to six sounds and offer the greatest flexibility in a single pickup available.

If people buy two guitars just to get the sound of a smooth vintage humbucker in one and a raw edgy sound in the other, why shouldn't I build a single pickup that had all of the possible humbucker sounds.
All of the sounds meant to me, modern and vintage, smooth and edgy, and as I had already developed contoured sounds, I included both deep and shallow contours as well. This became the Cerberus.
The same ideas can be useed very effectively in P90's. The large bobbin format also lends itself to a construction that is unique to Gemini, with two different gauges of wire used in a single coil winding.

This allows me to produce P90's which have a very different sound harking back to the days of Charlie Christian and T-Bone Walker or to the 60's British Invasion and combine them with a conventional P90 sound as well.

Many Tele players only use one pickup. The difference in brightness between bridge and neck pickups is often extreme and neck pickups can be weak or muddy. Gemini offers several different approaches to resolve these issues. The right choice of wire and magnet lets me design tele pickups that are just as good in the neck position as the bridge.

As well as making some conventional strat pickups, Gemini offers one (The Spirit) with a sound that belongs in the pre-Strat era and at the other end of the spectrum the Kraken, an out and out power pickup.

I hope that you will find Gemini pickups offer you something you want, even if you didn't know until now that you wanted it.

Mike Rose

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