7 string humbuckers

Vampire 7

The Vampire is designed to provide outstanding tone across the entire gain range from clean to filth. The basic tone is similar to a hot Paf, with subtly reinforced mids. 

The Vampire has an ideal mix of smoothness, power and bite. The detailed top end provides clarity at all gain levels. The Vampire is the most open and warmest of the three high clarity humbuckers. The ACT tapped sounds of the Vampires are like overwound strat pickups.

If I was forced to choose a single set of pickups to cover all styles, I'd choose Vampires.

Wire SWG 46, Alnico V magnet, 3 conductor wiring.

DC Resistance: Neck 9.3k (6.4k tapped), Bridge 10.7k (7.0k tapped).

Vampire Lord 7

The Vampire Lord bridge pickup has the maximum power available with good clarity for clean playing. The neck pickup is softer, with that bright top, warm bottom feel to it. 

Vampire lords are slightly less vintage sounding than Vampires with greater precision and focus. The tapped sounds are brighter than the Vampires but not as loud. 

Vampre Lods are particularly suited to the needs of shredders, fusion players and prog rockers althoug they're in no way restricted to these genres.

Wire AWG 43, Alnico V magnet, 3 conductor wiring.

DC Resistance: Neck 9.5k (6.5k tapped), Bridge 12.3k (7.8k tapped).

War Lord 7

The War Lord is a low impedance, high output, high performance humbucker with heavy wire and an Alnico VIII magnet at its heart.

The highs are fat, the lows are crisp. The mids are very aggressive with the balance towards the lower mids so that there is none of the harshness that can occur with excessive upper mids.

However much distortion you have, the War Lords can take it and then demand more. A certain cure for thin sounding locking tremolo equipped rock guitars.

Wire SWG 46, Alnico VIII magnet, 3 conductor wiring

DC Resistance: Neck 11.1k (7.1k tapped), Bridge 11.8k (7.3k tapped)

Behemoth 7

The Behemoth is extremely loud but with a distinctly vintage voice. It is designed to provide the largest possible signal (more than double the output of a standard PAF type) without having the thick, nasal tones that come from many hot wound pickups. It is strong in the upper mid/lower treble area and has a huge bass. This is not necessarily just a pickup for ultra gain, but much more for driving the power stage of a vintage amp into meltdown.

Wire SWG 46, Large Ceramic (5mm) magnet, 3 conductor wiring.

DC Resistance: Neck 11.6k (8.1k tapped), Bridge 12.7k (8.5k tapped).

Titan 7

The Titan is even louder than the Behemoth, with well balanced tone. This is a surprisingly versatile pickup. 

It may be outstanding for metal but it's great for a lot more than that. It has plenty of top end with the neck pickup particularly sweet sounding. The bridge pickup can be used just as effectively for gentle pop tones as for hard rock and metal.

Wire AWG 44, Large Ceramic (5mm) magnet, 3 conductor wiring.

DC Resistance: Neck
14.7k (7.4k tapped), Bridge 18.1k (9.1k tapped).

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